Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Loss of Appetite

It's only happened a few times in all my years of running.....loss of my incentive to get out for a run or hike or whatever.  

It snowed overnight but not enough to get out on snowshoes.  I had been hoping that we'd get a deep enough snow to require some trail grooming and good running around the quarry trails but it just isn't there yet.

I started to change into running gear to get out on the roads but stopped and took a nap instead.  That's something that I would not have done in the past.  I realized the only reason I was going out was to get miles in my log book.  My body was better off for the nap.

When I was running my fastest times, in the past, I would usually take a self-imposed break between Thanksgiving and Christmas with no running at all.  That dissolved after I started snowshoeing because the snow conditions in late November and early December were sometimes the best to be out on the "shoes".  So what worked in the past just might be OK again now...maybe even more so as it takes me longer to recover  now.

No miles today. We'll have to see how long before I get enthused to start daily training again.

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