Monday, January 7, 2013

Self Grooming

The recent string of mild, yet cold, days has allowed the snowshoe trails to remain rather constant this year.  No drifting or melting to cause any changes.

There has been a lot of use this year, as well.  Especially an increase in the snow bike traffic.

In the past, I've always been proud of running on some of the less conspicuous trails and keeping them self groomed and smooth.  The snow bikes don't cause much of problem with this but boot hikers have a tendency to cause toe digs and result in a very uneven path (actually the wild deer post-hole more than anything and that is where the early melting begins).  There are a few areas that have become very dimpled and wash-boardy.

But yesterday and today I noticed that a few stretches remain that are entirely snowshoe self-groomed and in very good condition.

5 miles on snowshoes yesterday and 6 snowshoe miles today.

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