Sunday, February 16, 2014

Back Again...

The week really had me down with congestion and fever so I didn't get out for any runs. Really missed the daily fresh air and trails.
Saturday was an indoor meet  at the University Wisconsin Platteville. Nice facility and efficiently organized meet but still a long day for everyone.There were a lot of athletes and it began snowing while we were in so the trip home was more treacherous than usual. We had some good performances and are getting closer to setting the athletes for events at next week's regionals.

The NJCAA National meet is in The Armory in New York so it was fun to watch my DVR recording of the Millrose Games yesterday when we got home. Interesting to see the track and even some shots of the exterior of the there in three weeks.

Got out to the quarry trails again today and wore my wooden Iverson snowshoe runners because they do a better job of packing snow. There had been some ski activity and at one point another snowshoe runner but I was first tracks on some of the ancillaries.

Someone ahead of me was wearing some older Tubbs racer's that I also use at times.

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