Friday, February 21, 2014

Something In the Air

I rushed through a snowshoe run yesterday in fog, light rain, and sleet. The forecast was for some major wet snow followed by wind and dropping temps. The snow began after I got back home and I spent several sessions just keeping my drive and sidewalk open.

So it was great to get dug out and hit the trails today in sunshine. Again I needed to watch my time out because NIACC track and field is heading to Storm Lake this afternoon for our regional meet. I am picking up our evening meal on my way out the bus.

As I ran around the quarry trail, I noticed, again, an unpleasant, septic odor. This seems to be increasing each day and is always at the point when I'm downwind of the quarry pond itself. I suspect that snow cover and ice has allowed for the water to go septic and last week's warm temps exposed the surface in enough places that gasses were released.

I absolutely made the correct decision to wear my Iverson wooden runners today because they ran perfectly on the fresh snow and kept me from sinking too deep. Beautiful out there today.

Got in 5 miles yesterday and another 4 today.

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