Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Multi-Use Rant

I'm a strong proponent of activities to get people outdoors and exercising. Whether that be training similar to what I enjoy or simply a family hike, I have always been passionate about helping promote. This has been through past part-time work at a running and ski shop, to volunteering at Lime Creek Nature Center, or through membership in local clubs like North Iowa Touring, Mason City Multi-Sport, Nature Club, or the now defunct running club back in the early 1980's.

But for all encouragement I get from seeing folks out using the trails, I can't help but feel frustration when I see abuse, such as indiscriminate trash. Or sometimes the surprising amount of manure left along the trail by horseback riders. Then again, the same folks that are hiking seem to have little regard for trail snow conditions. Hikers walk down the middle of the newly groomed skate-ski trails or more annoying to me personally they tear up some of the ancillary trails that I've previously bragged about self-grooming into nice runnable condition.

The past couple of days, I've struggled for balance on a few of my previously packed line because of hikers that couldn't seem to walk straight!

I still put in 8 and 6 miles on Monday and Tuesday but I do wish the hikers could be more careful. Think I'll take a couple off from the snowshoes to recover some spring in my stride. I've been working rather hard lately without much recovery. This week sits good for rest and the weather is bitter again anyway. 

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  1. I completely empathize with you, Curt. It's really great that lots of people are out on the trails instead of sitting on the couch all day, but sometimes it does feel like riding through a used up mine field out there. Makes the really cold days when only the diehards are out self-grooming seem that much more special.