Sunday, February 9, 2014

On the Edge

Spent my Saturday travelling to Grinnell for another indoor meet. NIACC did well and got a couple more national qualifying performances against some 4-year colleges. We had six 1st place finishes on the day. Very nice indoor facility.

The cyclic weather dropped snow again yesterday followed by cold today. Nice sun and some freshly groomed trails gave me an energetic start then I noticed that snowmobiles had used the Winnebago River so I did as well.

I haven't ventured onto the ice at all since a mishap years ago that found me standing chest-deep in a very cold, watery hole in the ice and no easy way to get back up onto the wet ice! But I trusted the snow machine paths and knowledge of routine cold temps to feel secure with the extra distance on a level surface.

The river provides a different scenic beauty than the quarry loops.

Need to be especially aware of divets and open areas that could allow a breakthrough!

Easy running.

7 miles and plenty of enjoyment. Saw some hawks (Red-tailed) and spooked off a couple of Barred Owls.

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