Friday, February 7, 2014

Recant the Rant?

OK, so I provided photographic evidence of how hikers were destroying the snowshoe running (and snowbiking) conditions. Today, I need to qualify that by saying that not all hikers have the same disregard. The prints visible during today's loops show that at least two of the folks are attempting to walk the same general routes but without affecting the main trail conditions.

To these outdoor enthusiasts I say "Thank You". Just as is most often the case, I should be careful not to lump all into the whole. I'm sure there are some snowshoers or some bikers that are oblivious to other uses of the same area and can wreck the experiences of others.

Bikes and snowshoes on the left; walkers and hikers on the right!
Great weather conditions today as temps warmed to the mid-teens and winds were manageable. Put in my traditional 6 mile loop and enjoyed being outdoors while catching up on podcasts.

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