Friday, January 3, 2014

Getting the Air Out

The winter's in North Iowa have been nothing close to what I remember as "normal."  This year's cold spells have been a challenge and I'm happy to be getting out even in the sub-zero temps.  Unfortunately, the cold makes for atypical snow...light, fluffy, and with a lot of air in it.  It takes more work to get some nicely groomed running trails.

A change that is slowly occurring, is that "snow bikes" are out in force and really help get the trails packed.  I've been pleasantly surprised at the width the snow bikes create and have been able to run comfortably stable along the paths.
Seth Bell's bike on Lime Creek trails.

I forgot my camera today so will use some shots from winter's past.  Yesterday was a bit of a struggle with my traditional built Iverson wooden frames.  

Iverson snowshoes (with last year' Pearl Izumi running shoes)

This was my first attempt on the Iversons with my Hoka shoes and I slipped a lot in the bindings.  I had no such issues with the Dion 121s today!  

Dion 121s

A great day out and good miles.  Got in 7 and most were running...I was struggling with a very stiff/sore knee all morning after slipping on ice while walking Cory's dog, but it felt fine when out on the snowshoe trails.


  1. Glad the fatty tracks help out a little!

  2. Yeah, thanks Seth.

    The snow bike footprint is much nicer for knocking the air out of the snow and leaves a wide enough track to run compared to xc skis.

    I can't see that my snowshoeing does any change to the bike print that would cause any trouble for bikers, whereas my prints do modify the xc track. That is why I only run on the Quarry trails or to the far outside of the Lime Creek path.