Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Self Grooming

Year's past and even with the few measurable snows we've had this year, I've always been proud of how the ancillary trails around the quarry become runnable and more easily traveled. The work this year has been shared with the snowbikes and it doesn't seem to take long after each snow and the trails become "quicker". 

Yesterday, the county took one pass with their snow machine but no groomer...this left the trail wide and loose and caused some difficult running and biking. Today they made another pass after some snowbike passes and my snowshoeing from yesterday and today. Turns out, they didn't intend to groom but merely found it necessary to travel back to the river where a snow machine had been anonymously abandoned on the ice.

Usually this path is barely 8" wide!
Seth Bell was out working the trails at the same time that I was today. Always good to see the trails being enjoyed regardless of the weather.

6 miles total as I begin to taper a bit for the weekend snowshoe race.

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