Thursday, January 30, 2014

Go Ahead...Take the Step.......

I've enjoyed using my traditional Iverson runners for snowshoeing the past two days. They are heavier and larger than my preferred Dions but do a fantastic job of packing the trails. Since I'm racing this weekend, I embrace getting out on heavier, more cumbersome shoes so that race day will feel "fast".

Because of the choice of snowshoe, of course I'm moving slower. The bonus in that is more time to listen to the podcasts that I seem to be still catching up since the Christmas holiday. I am also more tuned in to the surroundings and couldn't help but notice an unusual set of deer tracks leading straight to a cliff above the quarry. With no apparent hesitation or interruption in the tracks, they drop immediately off the cliff and to the quarry below! I see the same lack of concern with my son's dog when I'm exercising her. She'll jump into the air with no regard for her landing. I tend to be more conservative in my foot plants when running these days.

Notice the tracks go right off the cliff to the quarry surface below.

Playing fetch with Piper.

A lot of good trail packing today should lend itself well to future quick running. 6 miles yesterday and another 8 today.

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