Monday, January 27, 2014

Riding the Waves

The weekend was a busy one. I ran well on Friday in anticipation of having difficulty finding time on Saturday due to the NIACC track meet at Cornell College in Mt. Vernon. The weather moderated again on Friday, above the freezing mark, so there was a bit of snow packing in my snowshoe cleats. The clippers keep coming through and there was some snow overnight with wind but not nearly as much as occurred Sunday.  

The swing in temps and wind forecast for later on Sunday was incentive for me to get out by noon for a longer snowshoe run. I was first tracks in many areas again but the snow bikes were out and I broke trail for them in some areas and they broke trail for me in others.

The track meet went quite well for NIACC. The men won the meet and the women finished 3rd. There were numerous 1st place finishes and a couple additional national qualifier performances.

5 miles Friday and 8 on Sunday.

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