Monday, June 25, 2012

Black Hills Burnout...Broken, Bewildered, Bummed

Check out the changes in elevations in the race profile

Just a quick note now and I'll get to a better post with some photos later...after I settle down and get better rest.

Short story...I ran a pretty good 50K during the 50 mile race but succumbed to the terrain and heat by dropping at the aid station at 33 miles.  I had climbed up to 5th place overall by the halfway turnaround and held that through  50K but began feeling faint and nauseous and the legs weren't working right anymore.

It's been difficult thinking back and realizing I didn't finish like I had wanted.  No storybook ending for the journey leading up to this race but not a nightmare either, more like a mystery!

I'll try to write a race recap later.  Here's a story from the local news..

More bad news about one of my favorite places to run... Waldo Canyon.

Walked 4 miles this morning and 3 at dusk.

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