Thursday, June 7, 2012

Metabolic Efficiency

The main training is finished so the next few weeks may begin to sound like a scratched CD that keeps repeating.  
The "taper" or sharpening may seem anti-climatic to the training build-up yet it's probably more important in that you can ruin the race with an improper taper.

Something that I haven't discussed much in this blog, has been the slow transition in my diet.  By listening to so many podcasts during the training, I began to wonder what diet suits me and this training.  There's many diverse opinions.  But I often heard about the changing food pyramid and concentrating on a higher percentage of fat.  This was against all that I've used in the past and certainly not what was drilled into us when growing up in the 60's and 70's.  But I've now begun to emphasize fats in the morning, and along with my slower paces and hiking, am beginning to teach my body to depend more on fat as fuel.  I definitely seem to feel better in the early stages of my workouts lately.

During a podcast that I listened to on today's run, I learned that the term applied to what I'm moving to is..metabolic efficiency.  I hope the way I've felt under this recent change bodes well for me at the Black Hills 50.

7 miles this AM and a hike after dusk. I even was surprised to observe a bioluminescent caterpillar while hiking tonight.

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