Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Black Hills Race Report

It's been tough to garner the ambition to write about the race I wasn't able to finish.  I've been told to interpret DNF as Did Nothing Fatal!

I'll post a few photos of the event rather than write much.  The past couple of days I've had a chance to rehash what I think I felt and what others have told me about what was said about by the runners that passed me between 30 - 33 miles.  I must have been a little loopy based on their reactions and what they told the aid station personnel.  So I'm fairly certain I exhibited some classic symptoms of heat exhaustion.

Comfortable before the start

Elevation Profile shows very little flat running!

Alkali Creek...1st Aid Station... 5.7 miles

These photos don't provide much justice to what the elevation changes involved.  I was very strong on the uphills and usually passed lots of other runners.  But they usually came back past on the downhills.  I eventually started running downhill more aggressively and this likely trashed my legs.

Elk Creek Outbound...I missed my crew so used my drop bag but forgot to eat!

Bear Butte

Elk Creek Aid Station Inbound...I'm cooked.
I learned some good lessons about nutrition.  But I also learned that I was pretty intuitive about what to put in my drop bag, as it gave me the chance to provide an extra water bottle to Curtis, grab a kerchief to keep wet around my neck, and also replenish my gel supply.  Curtis went on to finish the 100K but also struggled in the heat.  After I dropped, I was able to become his support crew and enjoyed staying a part of the race in that capacity.

Curtis Vais going through the 1st aid station a few minutes ahead of me

Curtis crossing the finish
I had more to write and stories to tell but think I'll just leave it as is.  There may be more photos that surface later.

Snagged some additional photos and posted in this later post.

Walked 4 miles this afternoon and will hike 3 tonight.

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