Saturday, June 16, 2012


The pain in my butt was back again last night so I skipped the hike and got to bed early.  But it didn't feel much better when I woke.  After breakfast and moving around a while, it disappeared so I headed out for a test run.

The run went well and I could move with ease at about any pace I wanted.  There had been an early morning rain shower so there was a bit of mud and wet grass.

Some interesting observances on the trail today: A mother raccoon with four little babies following her, as fast as they could but not fast enough for her wanting to get out of sight;  a riderless horse, with saddle and bit but the reins were missing and her rear quarters scratched and bleeding.. I eventually came across two other horses, one with riders doubled-up, that were asking if I had seen a horse go by?; and then I got some bonus breakfast as the wild black raspberries were ripening.  The wildflowers have also begun to shift from the spring bloomers to summer.

Purple Prairie Clover

10 miles this AM.

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