Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Beauty and the Beast

The beauty of a good run yesterday was that I began to feel as I did in past years when I could sustain quality training throughout the year or month or week.  I actually considered going to the track today for some more speed workout.  However, as soon as I got out the door, I realized I would not do very well at faster paces today...the knees just wouldn't cooperate.  So I headed back out to Lime Creek and chose some prairie loops again.

The trails, today, again supplied some "beauty" in the form of newly emerging wildflowers yet some "beast" with some dense growths of poison ivy.

Butterfly Milkweed

Purple Prairie Clover
Poison Ivy
An enjoyable 10 miles at an easy pace.  I hope to get in another speed workout yet this week, however.
A 3 mile recovery hike this evening.

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