Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Let the Fireworks Begin

I've been acutely aware that my recent routine of easy runs and hikes has allowed for a fair base yet no speed.  I should have seen this coming last summer when I was struggling to hold 7 minute pace in my 5K events.

Last week's threshold work with the Runner's Flat group really woke me up.  So I made it a priority to get in some better quality miles this week.  Today I returned to the Mason City High School track where I've logged plenty of sessions in the past.

Not surprised to find crews setting up for a fireworks display slated for tonight.  They didn't mind that I run my workout if I didn't mind their equipment on the inside lane!  Bonus was I had some patriotic music playing while I ran my 4 X 400 with 1 lap between each.

Again, I was somewhat disappointed with my pace but happy to get after it again and with better focus.

5 mile total for the session and 3 miles scheduled yet tonight.


  1. Happy Independence day Curt.

  2. Thanks GZ...and to you as well. Fireworks at Clear Lake tonight were great.