Thursday, July 25, 2013

RAGBRAI 2013 and Pilot Knob

Tuesday was a break in routine so that Cathy and I could drive down to Des Moines to experience a bit of this year's RAGBRAI.  There was a new "History of RAGBRAI" exhibit opening in the historical museum and some great entertainment scheduled.

The day was lots of fun and beer.  I helped generate some electricity at a couple of the booths and truly enjoyed seeing so many bicyclists and their rigs.

Helping Tiny Circus with an animation project. (black hat and shirt with red shoes!)

Booths were set up on three of the bridges downtown

Live performing live

Wednesday was spent getting work out of the way so we could head up to Forest City to dog-sit for Cathy's niece.  This allowed me to get out for the evening hike on a different golf course then go to Pilot Knob State Park today for some better hill running.  Some of the trails were quite overgrown and footing quite tricky at times due to rocks and horse traffic in mud.

Some interesting layers of Bracket Fungus.

Colorful mushroom beside the trail.
3 miles Tuesday, 9 on Wednesday, and another 9 today.

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