Monday, July 22, 2013


By listening to podcasts from across the country, it seems that many of us are dealing with heat and humidity during our workouts.  The trips to Lime Creek have been necessary to find shade but the warm, humid weather is still a drag!

The days go past with my getting out for some steady mileage...nothing real long or fast but steady none the less.  So the week ended with decent totals and one of the highest mileage weeks of this year at 67 miles. More encouraging for me is that I'm feeling some incentive and pace increases.  Some days are, again at a more continuous run regimen.

Looking forward to more sustained running and mileage as I ramp up for the half in early September.  I'm even beginning to entertain thoughts of redemption for last year's failed attempt at Black Hills.

8 miles for today's total.

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  1. So glad I don't have to deal with the humidity. Nice week McDuff.