Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Changing Paces

Even after an early morning thunderstorm, the morning dawned sunny and warmed up quickly.  I had planned to get to the track today so took a chance that heat and humidity wouldn't be so severe as to not allow for some good quarters.

I need to get a better handle on my pace.  I've been so complacent on the daily runs that any past sense of pace has been lost.  So my target was to run 6 quarters with the first set of two at 1:30;  second set of two at 1:35; then last set at 1:40.  I take an easy lap between each quarter.

#1 was 1:28 and I could feel that I was pushing...#2 was tough and dropped to 1:34.  So 1:30 is too difficult for me right now especially in hot, humid weather.

#3 was at 1:33 and #4 at 1:35.  I didn't feel as uncomfortable and the 1:35 target seemed easier.

#5 was 1:36 and with an extra 1 minute on the slow lap came back with 1:35.  So it would seem that the 1:40 target is more reasonable for me at this time.

Now I just need to string a few of these together without the rest and I can call it a race (Saturday morning).

With warm up and cool down the session totaled 7 miles.  A 3 mile circuit planned yet tonight.  There is supposed to be a break in the weather so hoping for cooler, drier air soon.

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