Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Another Dose of Turnover

Still hotter than.... but got out for a good, brisk 20 mile bike ride in the morning while watching my heart rate and cadence...fun to have the feed-back.  Then some errands and light lunch.  

But my main emphasis today was on another session of repeats.  I used the same section of  Lime Creek as last week but cut back a bit on number due to the race this weekend and the blasted heat.

4 X 400 with a recovery 400 walked between.  1:17,3:50;1:14,3:52;1:12,3:52;1:12,4:01....combined with the 2 mile loosen-up prior and 2 mile cool-down after meant a 6 mile workout.

Will hike yet tonight for additional recovery/circulation for the legs.

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