Monday, July 2, 2012

Heating Up

It's definitely July, the heat has been turned up.  Whereas, I had to deal with the heat in South Dakota last weekend, I seem even more sensitive to it now in Iowa.  The past couple days have not felt very good as soon as I hit the road.  The shade and trees help once we reach Lime Creek but I still feel extra pressure and flushed  in the face.

The workouts are still just easy efforts and I don't intend to start more earnest training until next week.  The opportunity to race again as soon as I hit 60 is tempting and I need to check into some races after the 15th.  But another concern, I have committed to riding several days of RAGBRAI with my son's team so I should get a few more bike miles in before the last week of July.

4 miles in the AM and a hike at dusk planned unless it stays too hot.

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