Thursday, July 19, 2012

Trying To Reload

I've been grousing about the weather and not feeling very sharp...maybe part of it is a normal let-down following all the training for a peak effort....maybe part of it is that I'm just getting older and it takes longer to recover and become revitalized.

But regardless, I am excited to have reached a new age category and get a chance to race again this weekend.  The woods in summer are a lot more boring than in winter or spring and the dryness and hot daytime temps only add to the monotony.  So I purposely took it easy today to reload for the race.  I also wanted to be out a bit longer because with the cutback in time on the trails, I have less time to finish listening to all the podcasts I've begun to follow. 

It has been interesting to watch my heart rate while using my cycle computer when today I rigged a makeshift wrist band to use the bike computer while running!  Pleasantly surprised by where I could hold my pulse at a comfortable pace.

6 miles this AM and a hike yet tonight.

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