Sunday, July 22, 2012

Driving Me Batty

Recovering a bit from yesterday's race and beginning to prepare for several days of biking.  I'm scheduled to ride the last part of RAGBRAI with my son who's riding the entire route.  I'll pick up from Webster City on.  we have his dog for the week and I've been taking her out for walks.  My wife will inherit that duty while I ride. I didn't get out to ride as much as would have liked because I was prepping to race on Saturday and didn't want my rear to get any sorer than it already was!

I've been neglecting to carry my camera recently because it seemed I hadn't been noticing anything different or interesting.  I wish I would have had it today.  While Piper and I were at the bridge, I saw a Little Brown Bat flying above the water.  I thought perhaps it was catching insects that sometimes swarm above the pool but then noticed that it regularly swooped down and skimmed the surface to take a drink!

(borrowed image)

5 miles in the AM and another hike at dusk.

That makes for 61 miles for the week and 23.1 miles on the bike

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