Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Small World

There was a Krieger Family Reunion this past weekend.  As a result of many of the visits with relatives that I've not seen for many, many years, it became apparent how interesting our lives cross paths!

Discovered that my father's cousin is a neighbor to long-time Iowa Master's runner, Jim Schleisman...who has won his age group at Boston Marathon several times.

My cousin, from the Portland, Oregon area, works with the current world 100K champion and recent 8th place finisher from Western States 100, Amy Sproston.  My cousin was surprised to find I was so familiar with the name...I've heard many interviews with Amy on podcasts like 3 Non-Joggers.

Many of my cousins are runners, as well, with a wealth of experience at different distances including a cousin's husband that's quite good at ultras!

I was able to get out for 6 miles yesterday AM and the 3 mile hike in the evening.

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