Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Broken Record

I nearly took off for the trails today with the intention to repeat the same workout as the past two days.  However, I know from past experience that I could be treading on dangerous "ice", so to speak, by trying too much too soon.  Even though I had been getting in this kind of mileage in weeks past, the recent cut-back and change in intensity was setting me up to over-do it.  

So unlike the me of the past, that would likely have pushed through another 10 mile run because yesterday's went so well, I backed off and did more walking today, mixed with some good runs.  Sure enough, I was plenty tired by the end and could easily have hurt myself if I'd attempted another hard 10 miler.

And speaking of lessons learned, I read some good advice from a cross-post by friend George Zack, directed to master's runners.

8 miles total of run/walk

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  1. Now if I'd only adhere to that advice myself.