Sunday, February 5, 2012

Unscheduled Trip To Chicago

Late Friday we talked with my son, Cory, and decided to drive to Chicago to help him out. We'll dogsit Buck and be around the condo while Cory's on business in New York. So after the 6 hr. drive, I headed out for a run before the Super Bowl start.

I hadn't run this much pavement in a very long time and could really feel the extra shock. I was surprised during the run at one point, while running along a high, steel bar fence with the sun setting...there was the bizarre effect of a strobe-light...very disconcerting and raised havoc with my running rhythm.

During dinner at a local neighborhood restaurant called Frontier, we were watching the start of the game (with many New England fans) and one table had an entire roast hog delivered table-side,head and all. I wish I'd had the camera.

4 miles today and 36 for the week

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