Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Solitary trail running in the Windy City

So it's more difficult to post while in Chicago because of limited computer access and no good way to get any photos downloaded. Yesterday was a bit of a bust for real running because even the short run on pavement on Sunday left my legs kinda trashed. But I got out for some steady distance at slower pace for a total of 5 miles.

Today, I decided to, again, make it easier on the legs and believe it or not found an abandoned, elevated, train line that runs between block after block of apartments and homes...but is dirt and gravel and seldom used by the general public. I had to sneak through a break in a fence as there is very limited access. In fact, it is probably considered trespassing! There's evidence of dog walkers, clandestine beer drinkers, and a few mountain bikers but otherwise it's like being lost in the middle of the big city. No hassles for street crossings or store fronts and miles of open "trail"! You basically feel alone even though you constantly hear the police sirens, auto horns, and very loud rumble of trains on active tracks. I'll post some photos when we get home to Mason City.

4 miles so far today with a good chance I'll get out again this afternoon.

2 additional miles before dark

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