Monday, February 20, 2012


I ended up venting a frustration to Facebook today.  The crappy trail conditions and my struggle to get back to routine running forced me to remind myself that it's plenty early in my build to the Black Hills 50 to not worry at this time about my pace.  The "rose" in the current state of weather is that I am getting out for extended periods of time, even while the "thorn" is the mud and ice.  Typically, I wouldn't be on these trails at all...I'd be on snowshoes around the quarry trails!

The regularity with which I'm on trails at Lime Creek brings with it acknowledgement of other routine users.  Whether I'm on the snowshoe trails or the connection from the Elm Drive trailhead, I see many of the same users nearly every time out.  Today I again saw Red Pickup Man with his two dogs.  I also have befriended Postman, Bigfoot, Two Dogs Girl , Man with Pack of Husky's, and XC Skier (I'm unsure of any of their real names.)   I think my Indian name is "Runs With Beer" according to a sign given to me as a Christmas gift.

Red Pickup Man with his small white and small black dogs

8 miles today at varying pace but mostly quite slow while I listened to Lucho's most recent "Ask the Ultrarunner" podcast.


  1. These sorts of conditions are EXACTLY why I embrace a treadmill this time of year. I can get a workout that I am pretty satisfied with versus fighting conditions.

  2. Thanks for your comment George. I have historically never been impressed with the treadmill...I used to have access at a gym and I tried several models when I worked part-time at a sporting goods store. My wife and I just acquired (as in it was given to us) a treadmill that hinges up for a smaller footprint in a room but it is still out in the garage. Perhaps I need to get it to a location for easy use as it is beginning to make more sense for me as I age and struggle with my knee situation.