Thursday, February 9, 2012

Going for Distance...Lakeshore Drive

I wanted to get a longer run in today so challenged myself to get to the paths along the lakeshore. This challenge was with full knowledge that a majority of the run was going to be pavement.

The additional torture along the route I chose was the wonderful aroma of fresh-brewed coffee each time I passed a Starbucks...there must be one every two blocks! I also noticed that regardless of the rather chilly ambient temperature, there was added warmth from underground when running past many of the open grates within a few blocks of downtown.

The lakeshore was beautiful today as the sun was shining and there were few other bikers or runners at the time I was out. I lost track of how far I was going or what pace I was keeping and ended up running through the Lincoln Park Zoo. What a treat to see a River Otter performing water acrobatics and Wolves pacing around their wooded enclosure!

I eventually made my back to Cory's neighborhood, but not before getting in more than 10 miles of mostly running amongst brief stops for photos. My knees could really feel it by the time I got back to the condo.

I took Buck out after lunch for his walk and my recovery...most likely an additional 3 miles for a 13 mile day. And my legs can testify to the work I'm subjecting them to...

Again, I'll post some photos once we get home to Mason City.

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