Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pavement to Park

I decided to take a different approach yet, today, and used Google Earth to locate the closest green space to my son's home in Chicago. As a result, I headed straight down Division along some of the widest sidewalks I've ever been on and ended up at Humboldt Park. Similar to most urban parks, there is a combination of paved paths and green space. There's also several ball fields and a tennis court.

So I was able to run the perimeter and criss-cross the center staying mostly on grass, passing beside some wetlands with ducks and geese. It was quite pleasant considering how depressing it was to pass through the totally urban landscape along the street route through the city. There was an interesting sculpture in the park inscribed with two words that caught my eye and imagination...breathe oxygen...(photo to be posted later).

I also took a dedicated walk with Cory's dog, Buck, so got some additional time out on my feet!

7 miles

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