Monday, February 13, 2012

Screw Shoes

It was exciting to see fresh snow falling today but it wasn't enough to consider snowshoes, yet.  
Fresh snow falling but not more than an inch yet

Ice layer shows through the snow

Knowing that there was a lot of ice on the trail, and the prospect of slipping due to the fresh snow layer, I opted for modifying an old pair of shoes to "screw shoes". Screw shoes are something I learned about through my association with Colorado's Incline Club and are a very inexpensive way to gain some traction without microspikes or commercial ice cleats.

Turned out to have been the right decision because there was some serious ice under there and, in fact, even the deer were slipping on the trail!

white-tailed deer prints shows some serious slippage

But it was quite pleasant to be back to the woods and put in longer effort that included some of the back trails.  Caught up on some podcasts and kept up with more running than walking.

10 miles

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