Thursday, February 2, 2012

Road Trip...Not To Run But For Beer

The morning was supposed to be foggy but dawned sunny and quite nice.  So my wife convinced me it would be fun to head to Minneapolis on a quick shopping trip.  I enjoy the Twin Cities and it's where I've been able to run most of my marathons we went.  Unfortunately, there was fog as we approached Faribault and we saw fog the rest of the day.  It did clear up during the drive home after dark.  Best thing that happened today...I scored some brews that I can't buy in Iowa!

0 running today but tomorrow looms I've decided to commit to a 50 miler in June...Black Hills here I come!


  1. How did you like the Raging Bitch? It ain't my style being a belgian and all ... but we can get that fairly on the cheap out here.

  2. I actually enjoy Raging Bitch but they charge a lot (@ $11 a six) here in Iowa (no longer carried by local distributors) and MN. I bought it less expensively (@7.49 a six) while in Colorado. Perhaps what appeals to me is the quick buzz from the alcohol content.

    Lately, I've really enjoyed the Hopslam (very expensive @ $18 a six) and the winter release of Powder Hound (@$7.49)from Big Sky! They've both been great for enjoyable drink and relaxation!!

    But then, I've never tried an original GZ so I don't have a very stable baseline.

    Thanks for reading,