Sunday, February 12, 2012

Catching Up With the Photos

Back home.  Nice to be here...I realized during the drive back that some people (and I'm one) seem to do better when they can stick to their routine.  Chicago has some great things to see and do...but I wouldn't want to live there.

So I'll try to post several photos of random stuff that I referred to in previous posts rather than go back and repost.

Too Much Pavement

Feb. 5 .... strobe-light effect from fence

Tues. Feb. 7....abandoned railway

Wed. Feb. 8...Humboldt Park...Breathe Oxygen!

Thursday Feb. 9...Lakeshore Drive

River Otter at Lincoln Park Zoo (last week... Lime Creek's wild otters were eating fish)

Wolves at Lincoln Park Zoo

Old time corner bar features traditional beer

billboard at a construction site that summarizes how I felt during the entire trip

approx. total miles for my day on the 9th
anxious Buck looking out condo window and wanting another walk
With the drive home, and stop for lunch at Vinnie Vanouchi's in Galena, and the stop to visit my Mom in Onslow, I did not get out for any mileage today.  So with a week where I was sort-of out-of sorts, I did gain some additional toughness for the legs and a desire to get back on track trail running next week.

0 miles today but 41 for the week

Oh and last but not least, I scored some more brew that I can't get in Iowa!
Flying Dog's Double Dog and Three Floyd's Zombie Dust

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