Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I revisited my thoughts about why I started this blog and whether to continue.  The intent was to provide me with not only a personal log but also a means to record photos and general observations in a chronological fashion.  To that end, I think it's working out pretty good.  Unfortunately, I catch myself commenting a lot on weather, trail conditions and such...stuff that is often lost in my conventional training log.

I began my outing by first updating the stickers on the back of my Jeep.  I had received a newer version of Ultrarunnerpodcast and also received an  iRunfar  sticker from Bryon Powell.

I took time to check some of the deer trails today in hopes of possibly finding an antler shed.  Last year I found a couple but didn't start until late March.  The deer trails are much trickier to negotiate.  I spooked a  half dozen deer and they were either all does or the bucks among them have already shed their antlers.

Deer beginning to cross out of woods into the adjacent open field.

They're looking at me while I'm partially hidden in trees.

6 miles. Chose to make today an easier day due to all the roads yesterday.  I may attempt a bit of a walk later this afternoon or early evening.

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